Back Pain

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Back Pain

Nearly 65 million American adults report a recent episode of back pain, and 16 million experience persistent or chronic back pain. Bolden Harris, DC, and the experienced team at Family Wellness at Teravista in Round Rock, Texas, offer back pain care for patients of all ages. Treatment plans use chiropractic, hands-on adjustments, massage therapy, and lifestyle tips to alleviate common back pain and improve mobility. Call the practice today to book an appointment or reach out online.

Back Pain Q & A

What is chiropractic care for back pain?

You may experience back pain if there is inflammation in your muscles, bones, or ligaments. An auto accident, participation in sports, or bad physical habits may cause back pain. 

Family Wellness at Teravista treats back pain with chiropractic care, like hands-on spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and health adjustments. 

Proper alignment of your body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, improves pain and mobility without invasive surgery or medication. 

What causes back pain?

The team is capable of finding the specific reason you are experiencing pain. 

Disc bulges and herniations

If your disc is bulging and pushing into a nerve, you may experience numbness or tingling in your extremities or stabbing pain.

A disc herniation is like a donut filled with jelly — when the donut deteriorates, the jelly leaks out. This may occur from overuse or aging. 


Subluxations occur when vertebrae aren’t aligned in the spine properly. It can affect your movement and posture and lead to issues fighting diseases. 

Strains and sprains 

Muscular, tendon, and ligament strains and sprains can occur if you perform a task your body isn’t accustomed to or you’re not using the proper form. Sprains are tears in ligaments, while strains can occur on a muscle after you pick up a heavy object. 


Stress can accumulate at “trigger points” in your back, which the team targets using spinal manipulation. 

What are back pain treatments?

Your chiropractor discusses your medical history, performs a physical examination, and may use an X-ray to determine a treatment plan that targets the source of the problem.

The treatment may require manual adjustments where your chiropractor manipulates your joints using a controlled, sudden force. 

They may also encourage massage therapy on your soft tissues or traction therapy, where they gently pull apart the vertebrae of a damaged disc. Shockwave therapy delivers a series of high-energy percussion to the treatment area. 

You may feel slightly achy or stiff for a few days after any manipulations while your body adjusts to the new alignment. Alignment treatments usually last several weeks, and the number of your visits depends on your unique needs. 

Treatment may also include an infrared sauna to reduce pain or health and wellness support to improve nutrition, exercise, and stretching.

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